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A Word Of Advice

Don’t fall for pushy salespeople that will utilize the “Bait & Switch” and will charge you a premium for “rare” gold coins…unless you are looking to lose half of your investment.

Before you read my review of Lexi Capital, click here to see why I decided to work with this other company instead.

Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital Review

Lexi Capital is a precious metals company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It is one of the newest players in the industry, as the company was founded in 2010.

My Personal Opinion About Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital’s two strengths appear to be its customer service, which seems to take more of a role of a “friendly financial advisors” as opposed to “fast paced sales people,” and, also its relatively small size, which may contribute to its deep, personalized customer attention. They also charge a lower minimum investment fee (only $1,500) compared to most competitors.

However, being that Lexi Capital has only been in operation for a few years and does not have a solid pool of customer reviews (almost none), poses a high risk from an investing standpoint, as the company could potentially go belly up at any time.

I Liked These Things

– Perfect score with TrustLink (5 stars)

– Better Business Bureau accredited

– Personalized attention and a “financial planning” approach (vs. a sales centric approach)

– Minimum order of $1,500 (most competitors require a minimum $5K investment)

I Did Not Like These Things

– Only 1 review with TrustLink

– A- rating (not as good as competitors) with the Better Business Bureau

– Not listed or ranked with the Business Consumer Alliance

– Very new company equals high risk – Founded in 2010

– Lacks credentials and solid reputation compared to competitors

– Unavailability of a large pool of reviews (either positive or negative) in order to form a good decision

– 3% extra charge for credit card orders

Reviews, Ratings, Complaints, and Scams

Better Business Bureau

American Bullion BBB

Lexi Capital holds an A- rating with the BBB.

The company is BBB accredited since June 27th, 2012.

There has been 1 complaint filed against Lexi Capital with the BBB in the last 3 years, which had to do with delivery issues.

Business Consumer Alliance

goldline reviews

Lexi Capital is not listed or ranked with the Business Consumer Alliance.


lexi capital reviews—Gold-IRA-Specialist-206403346

Lexi Capital has a 5 out of 5 star (the highest) rating with TrustLink.

However, it only has 1 review.

Advantages Over Competitors

In addition to sending regular updates to clients, Lexi Capital keeps its customers up to date with any changes occurring in the market and their selected investments, with on the spot notifications – should the value of any given precious metal drastically rise or fall. This information empowers clients to immediately take action and maximize profits.


Lexi Capital also puts a high priority on security. The company’s website uses both TrustE and Verisign to ensure that customer information is kept safe at all times. All customer accounts are regularly monitored by the company and clients are immediately notified of any suspicious account activity. Additionally, Lexi Capital does not require customers to divulge unnecessary personal information.


The one big disadvantage of working with Lexi Capital is that it is a relatively new company. The company opened in December 2010, making it a relatively new player in the commodities investment market. While the company has certainly gained a lot of ground and become very well known in a very short period of time, this is due in large part to Lexi Capital’s marketing efforts.

While the company has been verified as bona fide and certainly has a lot to offer, an investor should always be careful when working with a relatively new, inexperienced company. Investing in gold and other precious metals always involves some degree of risk and inexperienced investors are often more likely to lose money than those who have been working in this field for many years.

It is also important to note that it is not inconceivable for even a competent, professional, top notch start-up company to go out of business with little or no prior warning. In fact, the United States Small Business Administration notes that about 66% of new companies are no longer in operation after ten years. Naturally, an investor may not want to risk working with a new company that may not be around in the future, as switching over to a new investment company is extremely inconvenient and can sometimes result in the loss of some funds.

Why I Did Not Choose Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital sells precious metals at a very competitive price, offers a very high level of customer service and provides personalized advice and assistance to customers who want to invest their retirement income in a safe and profitable manner. The company keeps customer information completely secure, manages investments in a professional way, and keeps clients updated on a very regular basis.

At the same time, there is not a lot of information available about Lexi Capital. The fact that the company is a newcomer to the commodities investment market means that it has a limited number of either positive or negative reviews.

Lack of information, client reviews, and solid rankings, makes it hard to thoroughly evaluate this company, and with any new company without an established reputation and a good foundation, there are risks involved.

What Company Did I Choose?

For the reasons above, I decided to not choose Lexi Capital.

Instead, I decided to work with this other company.

I wrote 3 pages on all the reasons on why I decided to choose this other particular company.

In a nutshell:
They specialize in gold IRAs, they have a non-pushy sales staff, the lowest fees, the fastest processing and shipping times, segregated storage (this is a big reason), and the best (and also the most) consumer reviews.

Click here to see what company I recommend as #1 and read more detail on each of my reasons.

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