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Why Did I Choose Regal Assets?

As I reached the final stages of my research, I narrowed my list down to the top 3 gold companies. Regal Assets was one of them. Overall, the two other companies offered most of the same things, but Regal always came out a little bit better in every single parameter I was measuring: faster delivery, lower fees, better attention to the consumer, better ratings, and less complaints.

This Is My List of Reasons and Requirements

First Year Waived Fees

No setup, administrative, or storage fees the first year – Made me save close to $500.

Segregated Storage and Fixed Fee

It’s hard to find segregated storage. Few of the companies I called offered it, or wanted an exorbitant annual fee to cover it. I prefer segregated over non-segregated storage because I don’t want my coins or bullion to be co-mingled with other investors’ assets. I want mine to be in a separate, isolated place in the vault. These type of facilities also tend to offer better insurance and it is easier to liquidate assets later.

For storage, Regal uses Brinks, which is one of the best custodians in the industry. I also like that Regal Assets charges me a flat annual storage rate of $150. The industry average appears to be around either a flat $225 or a 0.10% of your balance, both of which would have made me lose money.

Offshore Storage in Singapore

They are the only gold company that offers storage offshore. I was considering this option to add an extra security layer to my gold from the Government in case of economic collapse, but in the end I decided my gold IRA is safe enough as it is stored with Brinks in the U.S.

However, it’s great to have this option available should I have decided to store my Gold IRA offshore or if I change my mind and decide to move my holdings offshore in the future.

Video Monitoring Of My Gold Holdings

They let me see my gold while it is being held in storage, via a video monitoring service. I haven’t spoken to any other company that offers this service.

As simple as this may sound, it makes me feel at ease to know my gold exists as opposed to just  believing a sales rep that says it is “somewhere.”

Buy Back Program

I love owning gold. I like knowing that I have a nice pile of gold coins in a secure segregated vault, and that if I ever decide to take them out, the company will ship them and in 7 days they will arrive at my door and I’ll hold them in my hand. I like this because I know they hold real value, compared to paper money.

However, what I didn’t like at the beginning was the idea that something would happen to my wife, my kids, my grandchildren, or myself, and I would need a large amount of cash immediately. The only problem I see with gold is that, even though it holds and increases in value, it may take me time to find a buyer who will want to buy a large amount all at once, right away, and give me exactly the market value for gold that day.

Regal offers to buy back from existing clients at that day’s market rate for gold, and to not charge any interest. So, they don’t profit a cent at buy back. And, I like knowing that I have a solid exit strategy if I ever need one.

Flat and Fixed Annual Administrative Fee

They are charging me a flat $100 per year. This was one of the tipping points for me. Most other companies wanted a scaled fee, meaning that they charge a scaled percentage of the total I own. For example, if I have $100,000 worth of gold in the vault, some companies required me to pay them $200 based on this amount. Although a $100 difference may not seem a whole lot, if I were ever to want to grow my gold savings (which I intend to) this difference will continue to expand.

Fastest Processing Time

My rollover (from a 401K) was fully set up in 2 days and shipped to the vault in 7 additional days. I had to fill out documents electronically, e-sign, and execute an electronic wire, so everything was done on the computer and on the phone with them guiding me through it. Later I realized that this is a major benefit, not a drawback.

Other companies I interviewed said it would take up to 90 days to process, and an additional 30 days to ship to the vault, because they still operate fully on paper, not electronically. I didn’t want my money to be en route for 4 months, and I definitely didn’t want one of the papers to get lost and then to have to fight for recovering my own savings.

7 Day Delivery Guarantee

If I now wanted to take some of my Gold IRA out and have a few of my gold coins shipped to me, Regal guarantees delivery in 7 days. Just like their processing times, I haven’t seen a delivery guarantee anywhere else. All others appear to take a minimum of 15 to 30 days, on the low end, and 90 days, on the high end. Regal even offers to send a free Silver American Eagle coin if they default on their delivery promise.

Exceptional Customer Service

I’m not going to praise Regal’s entire sales staff because I didn’t experience all of them. But I can speak very highly about the Regal representative who took my initial call and has since been assigned to my case. I now have a bi-monthly call with him so he can brief me in on any new opportunities and market trends that may be favorable.

If you decide to call Regal, dial 877-959-2419 

To visit the Official Regal Assets Website – Click Here

Although some other companies also had friendly sales people and I learned a lot from them, other ones were just an absolute mess to deal with. They wanted to “close” me in 5 minutes and were constantly pushing me to move forward without me even knowing what they were about! If you ever get one of these on the phone, save your time. Call the same company until someone else picks up, or just call another company. You want to (and need to!) learn as much as you can, and their job is to help you, not rush you.

After all, your situation may be different than mine. You may be rolling over from a Roth IRA (not a 401K like mine) or may want to do a straight cash investment. Information on the Web only goes so far – you eventually need to speak to the company’s experts to dive into it.

Also, every company sends potential customers a Gold IRA Kit. Even though most of them say the same thing, I HIGHLY recommend you request one from EACH company you talk to. It will help you research all of them further. Regal Assets will Fed Ex their Gold IRA Informational Kit to you free of charge, overnight. If you’d like to receive it, you can request it by filling out 3 fields directly from their website, by clicking here.

Experts in Rollovers

Christian answered all my questions. There is a lot that goes into rolling over an IRA, a 401K, or a Roth IRA, or re-allocating a SEP IRA. If tax implications are not handled correctly, you could lose a lot of money in the transition. If the gold company you choose doesn’t correctly pay your banking institution or executes a correct transfer of funds, your money may lay in limbo. If the gold company does not advise you on the correct coins to buy which are approved for a Gold IRA, you may end up with a violation of IRS rules and an expensive fine.

Just as with doing a wire transfer, you want to make sure that all details are perfect, and that you can rely on someone that knows more than you do on the other end. Pick who you work with carefully, and especially your main point of contact at the gold IRA company, or you may end up losing more than you win.

You Can Choose To Hold Bitcoin Too

Regal Assets is the only gold company to offer Bitcoin as part of a Precious Metals IRA, and to gain full clearance from the IRS to do so. Meaning, you can now choose to hold gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or Bitcoin in your Precious Metals IRA.

Bitcoin is the new crypto-currency which many investors speculate will skyrocket in value in the near future.

Because of its natural scarcity, the fact that it is not regulated by the Government, and the fact that many smart investors are deeming it the “currency of the future,” Bitcoin is a very appealing investment.

Even though I’ve so far chosen to hold only gold and silver in my precious metals IRA, it’s good to have this option if I ever decide to look into diversifying into bitcoin as well.

Rankings, Reviews, Reputation, and Complaints

The last part of my research was to dig into this company’s profile with BBB, BCA, TrustLink, Yelp, Ripoff Report, ScamBook, Complaint Report, CitySearch, and a few others. I want to know what this company’s clients are saying, and if they are having a good experience.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB gave Regal an A+ Rating (perfect score).

Regal has zero complaints filed against it and has been BBB accredited since October 30, 2009. They are the only precious metals company to have a perfect score and no complaints with the BBB.


Regal has an A+ Rating (perfect score) and 924 all positive reviews with TrustLink.

Business Consumer Alliance

Regal has an AAA Rating (perfect score) with the BCA.

Other Reputable Review Sources

CitySearch: 100% feedback

InsiderPages: 5 stars (perfect), based on 10 reviews

– Kudzu: 5 stars (perfect), based on 7 reviews

– Yellow Pages: 5 stars (perfect), based on 10 reviews

Regal Assets – Company Information

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Official Regal Assets Website   –   877-959-2419

Testimonials   –   Recommended Packages  

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My expertise only goes so far and I wanted to share what I know. I really recommend you continue your search by talking to company experts on the phone, but if you run into questions along the way, I’m always glad to help out if I can (it also keeps me informed). You can email me directly at [email protected] and I’ll answer personally.

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