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A Word Of Advice

Don’t fall for pushy salespeople that will utilize the “Bait & Switch” and will charge you a premium for “rare” gold coins…unless you are looking to lose half of your investment.

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Before you read my review of Rosland Capital, click here to see why I decided to work with this other company instead.

Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital is a California based company that sells and buys gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins. The company also buys diamonds and provides a wide range of investment opportunities.

My Personal Opinion About Rosland Capital

The Better Business Bureau states that Rosland Capital was founded in 2005, and, even despite of being a relatively new comer, it is considered to be an industry leader and has a large, loyal customer base.

However, there have been various complaints filed against Rosland Capital, the majority appearing to involve high commission fees, misrepresentation of information, a dissatisfactory buy back program, and a sometimes pushy or unwelcoming customer service (although it seems to vary depending on who you get on the phone).

I Liked These Things

– Minimum investment is $1,500, which is lower than other gold companies.

I Did Not Like These Things

– Poor TrustLink rating.

– Not rated with the Better Business Bureau.

– 18 complaints filed with the Business Consumer Alliance.

– 4 complaints filed with the Ripoff Report.

– Overall sense of great dissatisfaction from current clients: the majority of complaints circling around high commission fees, undervaluing of clients’ investments, inability to resolve issues with poor customer service, and a buy back program that ends up being not what it was originally promised to be.

– Some of the complaints state that the company’s sales staff utilizes dishonest tactics, commissions are higher than originally discussed, and that there have been issues when dealing with an IRA rollover

– Complicated fee structure – in addition to administrative, annual, and storage fees, they appear to also charge transaction fees for each invidual product or account, which other companies do not require

Reviews, Ratings, Complaints, and Scams

Better Business Bureau

American Bullion BBB

Rosland Capital has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since October 1st, 2008.

The BBB currently does not show a rating for Rosland Capital. It does show a total of 3 closed complaints (the last one filed on March 10, 2013).

Business Consumer Alliance

goldline reviews

Rosland Capital has an A rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. The highest possible score is AAA.

There have been 18 total complaints filed against Rosland Capital over the last 3 years. Most of them appear to have to do with an undervaluation of clients’ account holdings and misrepresentation of information. You can see consumer complaints directly by visiting Rosland Capital’s profile.


rosland capital reviews

Rosland Capital has a 3 out of 5 stars score with TrustLink.

Some of the comments that stand out appear to be: fraudulent advertising claims, incorrect balances in customer accounts, unwelcoming customer service and pushy sales force, and a false buy back program, among many others.

Other Reputable Review Sources

– RipOff Report: There are 4 complaints filed against Rosland Capital with the RipOff Report. Customers say they were overcharged, that coins were overpriced, and that the commission rates were excessive.

Rosland Capital’s Fee Structure

According to current Rosland Capital clients, as stated in their complaints with the BBB, BCA, TrustLink, and Ripoff Repot, the majority of dissatisfaction seems to stem from concealed high commission fees.

These are fees that Rosland allegedly charges for its trading services, and are seemingly misrepresented when the customer initially signs up, and then rolled over to and reflected in their account balance. This results in clients seeing a discrepancy between the total profits they assume to have – from closely following any increases in spot gold – and the contrasting lower balance in their account.

Customer Service

Numerous customer reviews lead to believe that as far as customer service goes with Rosland Capital, it is hit or miss. There have been reports of pushy salespeople and less than cordial representatives. However, there have also been reviews from satisfied customers, which were happy with the service they received.

In addition, despite the various complaints filed against Rosland Capital, it appears that the company does make a concerted effort to resolve all complaints and work out misunderstandings.

Finally, those who encounter problems when dealing with Rosland Capital should contact the company’s compliance officer directly. The company has a great track record for resolving all types of complaints in a speedy and efficient manner. In fact, a number of individuals have noted that their service in this area has exceeded their expectations.

Why I Did Not Choose Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital is a relatively new precious metals company that is considered to be an industry leader despite its relative lack of experience.

However, despite the fact that the company has a lot to offer, there are many people who are clearly dissatisfied with Rosland Capital’s performance and note that the company charges high prices and does not buy back metals at a profitable price. For this reason, those who are considering working with this company should do so with caution and only after doing careful research.

What Company Did I Choose?

For the reasons above, I decided to not choose Rosland Capital.

Instead, I decided to work with this other company.

I wrote 3 pages on all the reasons on why I decided to choose this other particular company.

In a nutshell:
They specialize in gold IRAs, they have a non-pushy sales staff, the lowest fees, the fastest processing and shipping times, segregated storage (this is a big reason), and the best (and also the most) consumer reviews.

Click here to see what company I recommend as #1 and read more detail on each of my reasons.

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