Thank you for requesting the Gold IRA Scams Report

Unfortunately I depend on a third party – which is the company I chose to invest in myself (read about them here) – to send you the information.

They may give you a call or email you to say hi, and then send you the full report.

I’m sorry about this additional step – as it’s their report, not mine.

You can read my full story on why I started this website and decided to disseminate this information here.

You can also read my reviews on all of the Gold IRA companies I called before I invested (mine was a rollover from a 401K to a Gold IRA).

The company I ended up choosing is Regal Assets – You can read my full 3 page review here.

Again, Regal Assets will give you a quick call or email you before sending you the report.

If I can help with any questions, you can email me at [email protected], and I’ll answer personally.

Good luck in your search for gold, and remember to invest wisely.